What Payment Methods do you use?

We work with Cash, EFT, Mobile Credit Card Machines.

For onsite work, we bring credit card machines with, so you can pay immediately.


Fitted Carpets and Upholstery

What cleaning methods do you use?
There are two options.

The first option, we use a hot water extraction system, also known as professional steam cleaning, or deep steam cleaning. It is a cleaning method which uses equipment that sprays heated water, as well as detergent chemicals, deep into the carpet or upholstery. While at the same time the suction nozzles vacuum up the sprayed water along with the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved. The wastewater is then discarded. Hot water extraction is widely recommended by most carpet and upholstery manufacturers, as the most efficient method to clean and remove stains, from most types of carpets and upholstery.

Does your cleaning process leave a residue?

No, the specially designed detergent chemicals we use do not leave a residue on the carpets or furniture. The detergent chemicals we use are all eco-friendly and are safe for babies, pets, and allergy sufferers.

How long will the cleaning process take?

An average cleaning of carpets in three rooms, or of a lounge suite usually takes approximately two hours. Although the process can take longer, depending on the state of the carpets or furniture, and the space in which we are working. For large areas of office carpets, the cleaning time depends on how many square meters, and the state of the carpets.

How long will the carpets or furniture take to dry?

Even though our cleaning system uses water, much of the water is extracted. Therefore, both the carpets and furniture will be dry in 24 hours, provided there is enough ventilation in the room. The drying time will be a lot less on hot days, and if we are able to leave the furniture in the sun to dry.

What will happen to the furniture while you are cleaning the carpets?

Our staff are well trained to move the furniture around while cleaning and replacing it back in place after they have finished cleaning. Some smaller items we might recommend leaving off the carpets for 24 hours until they are completely dry. For office carpets, we can work around desks, so it is not necessary to unplug computers, monitors, printers, etc. We ask that you remove any breakables in the rooms before we arrive.

What will you require in order to steam clean the carpets and upholstery?

We only need access to electricity, and water (preferably hot water). – Generators during load shedding.

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Yes there is no need for us to visit your home. Commercial property may require a site visit.


Loose Carpet Cleaning

Do you collect carpets?

Yes, we can collect and deliver loose carpets. Can quote before we take them away.

How long does it take?

Approximately 10 working days, weather dependant and how often the carpet needs to be cleaned.

Can you clean loose carpets at my house?

Unfortunately, we get the best result cleaning and drying loose carpets at our factory. The process is different, and we are unable to check and vacuum the carpets if they aren’t dried at our factory.

Can you clean Oriental Rugs?

Yes, we clean; Persian’s, Kelims, Dhurries and most types of carpets.

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately, we price per square meter and type of carpet therefore we will need to measure the carpets and confirm the type before giving a fixed price.

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